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The Draft Guide is the crown jewel of basketball content at SportsEthos (formerly Hoop-Ball), and I've been in charge of organizing the project since the 2018 season after joining in 2016. Beyond scheduling, editing and promotion of the DG, I also write a majority of the articles that go into the effort. It's our annual biggest seller and as time has passed I have turned it into an all-encompassing almanac for fantasy basketball managers. Although we produce dozens of articles that focus on specific topics, the backbone of the project is my comprehensive player profiles. Those give readers insight into every player in the league ahead of the upcoming season and are displayed on pages that break players down by position as well as team pages, which you can find at the bottom of this page. This is by far the most fun assignment that ends up on my plate.

Player Profiles

Each profile begins with a snapshot of how a player performed last season, from pure numbers into a written recap of the year that was. That is folded into a brief discussion of how the team around them has changed, and then a full list of notable injuries that determine a player's risk level going forward. It all gets wrapped up in our forward-looking Outlook section, where past performance is run through the current context before ending with an overarching recommendation heading into  fantasy drafts. Readers get a full story on every player that can be consumed in a few minutes at the most, allowing them to get a handle on the entire league in bite-sized chunks and leave with clear direction on how to value a player.

When I started writing the Draft Guide, we focused on only the biggest names with mass appeal. As our reader base grew, so did the variety of needs we needed to address. In the last three years, have written a profile for every player in the league, meaning readers get breakdowns for 500-plus names every seasonNo other fantasy basketball resource goes that deep.

Below are a handful of profiles written ahead of the 2022-23 season, covering players from all over the starpower spectrum.

Team Previews

Every year since 2017, I've been responsible for the full team pages for all 30 teams. In addition to the player profiles, that includes a quick summary of the previous season and the team's offseason activity in the draft and free agency, as well as a breakdown of the expected depth chart and a projection of playing time for the entire roster. Below you'll see five previews for the Raptors and an assortment of other teams from recent seasons, offering a glimpse of how the project has changed over time. You'll also get to see me fall in love with O.G. Anunoby a little bit more every summer, which is really the grand prize here.

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