I joined SportsEthos in 2016 as a basic staff writer, responsible for news blurbs and blog items. It's a humble beginning that built several vital skills as I learned the ropes, primarily teamwork, time management, brevity (though it may not seem that way all the time) and writing on short deadlines -- some items need to be filed in under five minutes. In the following years I continued up the leadership ranks and now hold the position of Managing Editor, which means I'm responsible for all that gets published on the site and guiding a group of over 20 writers while elevating the SportsEthos name in the fantasy sports community.

Although most of my work as a managing editor involves training, oversight, establishing creative direction and actual editing, there's still time to write. I have produced hundreds of articles that cover every facet of the NBA and fantasy basketball. Below you'll find pieces for every basketball-related story under the sun, including longer articles that dive into specific topics or provide a general overview of what's going on in the scene. Strong analysis, both of fantasy and reality hoops, requires extensive knowledge of the entire league -- no player is too inconsequential, no team is too bad; we get everyone -- and the ability to produce insightful content on extreme deadlines. In the fantasy space, a few minutes can make a major difference, so I have tons of practice in researching, writing and publishing with heavy time constraints. The Raptors winning the championship was my cosmic reward for hundreds of thousands of words.

Features on the news of the day from around the entire NBA with analysis and opinion on notable events, trends and transactions for all 30 teams.

The backbone of fantasy analysis; quick-hitting stories that turn league events into actionable advice in the immediate wake of news breaking.

Season summaries, injury histories, outlooks and historical fantasy information on each and every player heading into the next campaign.

Comprehensive recaps of teams' seasons as they end, breaking down player performance and setting the table for the summer that lies ahead.

In-depth postgame breakdowns, including film work and statistical analysis, focusing on the Raptors' march to the 2019 NBA championship.

Articles that make life easier for fantasy players, from direct roster advice to nightly league-wide recaps, forward-looking tips and instant reactions.

Thorough looks into the upcoming season from a fantasy perspective, highlighting top targets, trends, sleepers, busts and much, much more.

A variety of content to prepare readers for the NBA Draft, featuring prospect profiles, spotlight articles and team overviews before the big day.

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