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Fantasy blurbs are unassuming but they are the building blocks for any professional analyst. Writing blurbs requires you to have a wealth of knowledge for every team, not just the one you follow personally or the players on your own fantasy team. Every aspect of the game falls under the blurb umbrella: game performance, injuries, lineup changes, trades, waives, hirings, firings, the draft, free agency, Summer League, preseason, FIBA tournaments and the Olympics. All get covered by the blurbs, which balance depth of knowledge with speed and efficiency. Each blurb you see below is written in under five minutes, and always within 10 minutes of the original story coming across the news wire. As I have risen up the ranks, the blurbs have remained a constant responsibility, and I also train new writers to meet our organizational standards.

Maintaining a blurb feed is nearly a 24/7 job given the never-ending news cycle that spins around the NBA, and a typical four-hour shift can result in as many as 200 blurbs on a very busy night. We cover just about any story you can think of, from superstar trades all the way down to people you've never heard of getting waived.

The point of the blurbs is to provide as much relevant information as possible to the readers, whether that's a matter of adding full context to a story, identifying fantasy impact for multiple players or giving direct advice about adds, drops and lineups. It's all about what you need to know, why you need to know it and what you should do as a result of that knowledge.
Whatever value we can add, we will add, and whatever stories we can find, we will cover.

Again, that's all expected to happen in under five minutes per story, in a setting where multiple news items will be reported simultaneously.

Below is a glimpse of the things that cross our desk and how we write them up to deliver the best fantasy analysis possible.

If you'd like to see the live, ongoing blurb feed, you can check that out here.

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