NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is one of the biggest events on the basketball calendar. For all of the hype, draft night itself is the culmination of a months-long process. Over the years I have developed a schedule of content that provides readers a complete overview of the draft, with personal focus on scouting profiles and articles that highlight specific prospects. As a team, SportsEthos also runs mock drafts, tracks league rumors and produces dozens of other draft articles with a lean towards fantasy basketball. Those have all been developed under my watch, but below you'll find things that I have written directly.

Prospect Profiles

The prospect profiles start with a list of all draft-eligible players that gets whittled down based on who is expected to have their name called, or at least be on the radar for the 60-pick draft. We're left with a list of about 100 names. From there, I'll review game film and dig up notable stats and an injury history for each prospect. After that scouting work is done, I cross-check my opinions with those of draft experts and try to identify possible landing spots, in terms of both team and draft pick range, for each player. The final step is to take all of that into account and write a fantasy outlook for each prospect, projecting their skills forward as they develop and what it means for fantasy players. We write up every single pick and undrafted signing on draft night, so most of those "extra" profiles end up going to good use anyway. These profiles are also a useful resource during Summer League, where many undrafted players are playing to earn a roster spot in training camps.

Draft Articles

A zoomed-in look at some of the draft's more compelling prospects; some who stand out for their skills and others who may be overlooked due to circumstance.

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